Dear friends of cannabis-culture and forbidden medicine,

Welcome to "HEMP AS SPICE"!

This site is about nothing less than providing a new, world-wide, exhilarating focus on hemp-kitchens and hemp-bakeries. Through our efforts we are advocating a more conscious use of hemp products. Specifically, we seek to ensure that in the future this unjustly persecuted, divine plant resumes its ancestral place in human life.

The foundation of our efforts is the book "Berauschend Gut Backen mit Hanf" and its new English translation: "The High Art of Baking With Hemp". The German version of the book is available from Nachtschatten Verlag and can also be ordered through other book dealers. The English book.pdf is available under a "Creative Commons License". A print copy of the english version can also be ordered through Create Space or Barnes and Noble. Available Ebook reading formats @ SMASHWORDS

50 cents of the profit from every english book sold goes to the IACM, an organization that advocates internationally for the legalization of cannabis for medical use.