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Indian Milk Toffee

Recipe from Frank Wortmann

Recommended amount of hash: 3g; makes 60 pieces, 0.05g per ball (with a diameter of around 1,5 cm)

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2 l
whole milk
2-3 g
hash or grass
0.1 l
100 g
2 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
ground nuts
(for example cashews or hazelnuts)

Boil the milk in a large, heavy pot on a high flame. Don't stop stirring, or the milk will burn! When the milk begins to rise, reduce the flame to medium, so that the milk boils lowly without rising. Stir the milk regularly with a wide wooden spatula so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot. As the milk gets thicker, it must be stirred more often. As soon as the milk becomes a paste and the spatula leaves a trace when stirring, add the finely crumbled hash or grass, as well as the cream, sugar, and butter.

Continue to let the paste cook while continuously stirring until it becomes thick enough to stick to the spatula. Take the paste off the flame and brush it out to a thickness of 1 cm on a baking sheet or tray. When the mass has cooled, it can be rolled into cherry sized balls between your palms. Roll the toffees in ground nuts and let them cool for a while.