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Squeezed Hash Cookies

Shortbread Hash Fingers

Photo by Andreas Thumm

Recommended amount of hash: 4g; makes 100 cookies, approximately 0.04g per cookie

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15.75 oz
0.14 oz
5.25 oz
sifted powdered sugar
salt, seeds scratched out of one vanilla pod,
grated lemon peel
14.875 oz
sifted flour
4.375 oz

Heat up half of the butter. Warm up the hash and crumble it as fine as possibly into the liquid butter. Knead in the rest of the butter. Fold in the powdered sugar, the spices, and the egg by hand (don't beat it into a foam!) The butter mixture should be soft, but not liquid. Mix the flour and cornstarch. Add the butter mixture, folding it in carefully.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Equip a piping bag with, if possible, a large star spout. Fill it with the dough, and squeeze it onto baking paper laid out on a baking sheet. In the preheated oven, bake the cookies for around 13 minutes on the middle rack.

Tip: If the dough ends up being too firm to squeeze out, don't despair! It can still be saved. Just add a bit of flour, knead the dough and let it cool for one hour. Then roll it flat and cut out small cookies. Brush them with egg, and garnish with sugar, almonds, or chocolate crumbles. Bake as described above.