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Aphrodite, Venus, and the Parsley Salad

"Was it really the apple that Eve slipped Adam? Or was everything totally different..."

An aphrodisiac dinner for two

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2 tablespoons
vegetable broth powder
2 tablespoons
Damiana leaves
small chilli
small peperoncini /hot chilli
small zucchini or head of broccoli
spring onions or 1 leek
2 tablespoons
hash (see the chart on page 7 for the proper amount, also consider that more doesn't equal more love, but rather sleepy cuddle buddies)
1 cups
a bit of olive oil
parsley root, finely chopped
bay leaves
garlic cloves, crushed, with salt
a bit of freshly ground nutmeg
a bit of lemon juice and sugar
a bit of chilli - for those that like it hot!
bunch of fresh parsley, chopped fine

Aphrodite's Vegetables

Boil ¾ of a liter of water, use ¼ of a liter to make the vegetable broth and ¼ of a liter for the Damiana leaves. The tea should steep for at least 20 minutes. (Medicine men recommend for "difficult cases" a brew that was steeped for 24 hours!) After that, remove the leaves.

With the rest of the boiling water, blanch the tomatoes, then pull off their skins and remove the stems. Wash and clean the vegetables, then cut them into small cubes.

Melt the butter. Warm up the hash, crumble it, and dissolve it into the butter. Pour in the cream and the Damiana leaves.

Sauté the cubed vegetables in olive oil. Add the cubed bananas and the squashed tomatoes and braise them. Deglaze with the broth, add the Hash-Damiana mixture, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the finely chopped parsley root and the bay leaves and let them cook.

Add garlic, nutmeg, and the remaining spices to taste. Sprinkle on the finely chopped parsley directly before serving.

Sticky rice goes well with this dish.

Tip: Damiana (turnera diffusa) is a domestic shrub that grows in Mexico, Texas, and California and can be up to two meters tall. It is an old, native american aphrodisiac. The dried leaves were smoked or made into a tea. Even more effective are alcoholic extracts. Damiana is said to have an euphoric and aphrodisiac effect and makes it easier to breathe. In addition, the abdomen becomes more heavily supplied with blood. It can also serve as a good replacement for tobacco, as it has a less harmful effect. Damiana is available in all well stocked herb shops. It can also be ordered from: http://www.sensatonics.de

Parsley Salad:

switch to metric units
4 tablespoons
olive oil
2 tablespoons
balsamic vinegar
a bit of water, or juice
dry or fresh herb mix
3 teaspoons
1 teaspoon
garlic clove, smashed in salt
a bit of Worcester sauce and lemon juice
3.5 oz
fat-leaf parsley

Stir together the oil, vinegar, and water/juice. Grind the herbs into fine pieces with your hand, then stir them in along with the mustard and the horseradish into the vinaigrette. Add the garlic and the spices to taste.

Wash the parsley well, then dry it well. Cut it into small pieces and add it to the sauce.

For a drink with your meal, I recommend a glass of champagne or peppermint tea with fresh lemon.