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Grass Marzipan Potatoes

Grass Marzipan Potatoes

Photo by Andreas Thumm

The marzipan potatoes have to dry for one day!

Recommended amount of grass: 6g; makes about 60 pieces, 0.1g per potato with a diameter of 2 cm

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15 oz
0.21 oz
finely chopped grass
1.75 oz
sifted powdered sugar
10.5 oz
raw marzipan
shots of amaretto

Melt 20g of butter and lightly braise the grass in it. Stir in a third of the powdered sugar, and with the help of the food processor, chop it fine.

Knead the marzipan with the rest of the butter until it is soft. Add the amaretto and then knead in the grass mixture so that it turns into a soft yet stiff mixture. Work in some more powdered sugar if you like.

Form small potato shaped balls with your hands and lay them on a baking sheet. Let the marzipan potatoes dry for one day, and then store them in a container.